The World premiere of a new workplace horror musical by Barlow and Smith

Book and Lyrics | A. C. Smith
Music | Bella Barlow


Director | Adam Lenson
Set and Costume Design | Alice Simonato
Musical Director | Tamara Saringer
Lighting | Richard Williamson
Associate Director | Ellie Coote


Tiffany Graces
Evelyn Hoskins


Vault Festival, London


14th - 18th March 2018


It’s late. Jess should really be going – after all, she’s missing her own birthday party. But her demanding boss Samantha has insisted she stay to review the marketing proofs of the publishing firm’s disgustingly cheery children’s title, ‘Giggles The Bear’. And left the keys to her mysterious, red filing cabinet…

Alone in the eerie office, Jess can’t resist the temptation of peering into Samantha’s secret files. After making a grisly discovery, Jess must choose what she is willing to sacrifice to keep her job.

Brimming with twisted dark humour, LOCK AND KEY is a workplace thriller for audiences all too aware of the painful demands of modern career success – and the cost of being a woman determined to succeed.



This dark new chamber musical by musical theatre duo Barlow and Smith entertainingly drops the Bluebeard story into a modern office environment – less Bloody Chamber, more Bloody Filing Cabinet.

It’s a witty set-up, nicely served by Adam Lenson’s production.
Director Adam Lenson does well to stage Lock And Key in such a small venue – the simplicity of the staging is helped along by some impactful lighting design by Richard Williamson. Ultimately it’s the music that stays with you after the show ends, demonstrating its true impact – a great effort by Barlow and Smith.
Lock & Key is the brand-new musical from composer Bella Barlow and lyricist A.C. Smith who also wrote the book. It’s a brilliantly written, perfectly formed 60 minutes and the time just flies by.

Graves and Hoskins complement each other to perfection and the difference in their height and build, reinforces the relationship the two characters have to each other. They both give superb performances and give full reign to their singing talents. They’ve been excellently directed by Adam Lenson
Lenson is so far ahead of everyone else, that we’re constantly playing catch-up with him, trying to keep up with the mercurial inventiveness of his mind and the artistry of his expression.