The World premiere of a new play at the Ustinov Theatre and St James Studio

Writer | Alys Metcalf


Director | Adam Lenson
Set and Costume Design | Sam Wilde
Lighting | Matt Daw
Sound | Adam Lenson
Composer | Luke Bateman


Matt Tait
Lizzie Stables
Michael Palmer


Ustinov Studio, Bath
St James Studio, London


February 2016


One location… Strangers at a turning point… And a fishing rod.

Reel Life explores the delicate line between fact and fiction – and what happens to the course of our lives when that line is crossed.








Reel Life incorporates subjects of love, loss and loneliness, compartmentalising them into tiny moments in a tiny place, packing an emotional punch. The play shows us the importance of being, here in the present moment, and it is these moments which define ourselves as living entities, no matter if we live above or below the surface. A pensive reflection from both sides of the water’s edge on life and who we meet along the way, without forgetting life’s humour. Striking and original, innovative characterisation and interwoven plot”
Reel Life takes the audience on a journey of frustration to realisation to humour and finally to sadness, no mean feat for a one act play. eel Life is the perfect example of why theatre goers need to get out and see and support new writing.